Artists of Palm Beach County
Our Mon, Aug 10th, 2009
General Meeting
started at 7:00pm and ended at 9:00pm

The meeting was hosted by Jean Hutchison.

The theme of the meeting was:

Jean Hutchison always comes up with something creative, fun and yummy!! This time, its a Chicken Challenge Party. She's found a cache of rubber chickens, and is selling them for $2 each, with all proceeds going to the Caring Kitchen in Delray Beach. She suggests that you stuff, paint, decorate, or flatten them, use them as inspiration for a poem, a dance, a photo, a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, or whatever you'd like to do.

Jean says, In the "Great Depression", FDR wanted to put a "chicken in every pot and a car in every garage". This is your chance to do the same.