Artists of Palm Beach County
Our Mon, Dec 13th, 2010
General Meeting
started at 7:00pm and ended at 9:00pm

The meeting was hosted by Jean Hutchison.

The theme of the meeting was:

Our Holiday Party is at Jean Hutchison's house this year. Those who have been to parties at her house before know that she cooks a wonderful meal, and challenges each of us to make something wonderful or funny or strange, using whatever material she provides. This year, Jean has been giving out Burgundy/black silk flowers with magnetic attachments for people to use as inspiration for a work of art. Use your flower to do something creative: make something out of it, write about it, create a song, a dance, a painting, a sculpture, using the flower itself or the flower as inspiration.

Whatever you create MUST be brought to the meeting/party and given a number for someone to draw, so they can take the creation home.

Jean will be furnishing food and drinks for the party, so you MUST RSVP on the invitation or by phone.

If you haven't gotten a flower yet, call Jean to make arrangements to pick it up at her house.

*******We will be voting on our slate of candidates for the board at the meeting. If you haven't mailed in your ballot, please bring it with you, so your vote can be counted.*******