Artists of Palm Beach County
Our Mon, Oct 10th, 2011
General Meeting
started at 7:00pm and ended at 9:00pm

The meeting was hosted by Jean Hutchison.

The theme of the meeting was:

On Monday, October 10, 2011, Jean Hutchison will again host a very special General Meeting for members at her home. She has already sent out personal invitations, along with a request that each person who attends use the two pieces of paper enclosed with her invitation as inspiration for a creation of their making. As she says, “No art form is out of bounds so GO FOR IT! Flute, dance, sculpture, poetry, painting, story, drawing, break dancing, collage, egg tempura, pottery, Bas relief, song, opera, print, photography, organ (Bring you own instrument). You will be showing your creation to the group and asked to explain it. Prizes will be awarded.”

Jean asks that if you actually use the papers sent you in the work, you make a photocopy of them first, and bring them along. Everyone has a different set of papers, and we will be asked to show them to the group along with our creation, so everyone will know what it was we used as inspiration.

Jean will be cooking dinner for all who attend, and asks that we do not bring food or wine. It is really important that everyone who is coming RSVP directly to Jean, at or at 561 278-4479. She needs to know how many people are coming so she can plan accordingly.

Jean’s annual parties and intriguing artistic challenges have become events members look forward to every year, and a very special reason for being members of Artists of Palm Beach County. And the creations we each come up with make for a very special display of the variety of creative people who make up our diverse membership.