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The first of its kind in our county, Artists of Palm Beach County is a coalition created and managed by artists, for artists of all disciplines. It is dedicated to empowering individuals in the arts by reaching out to its diverse community, cultivating professional and social resources and opportunities for its members and developing collaborative relationships.

Advocacy for local artists is the main focus of Artists of Palm Beach County. Much appreciation goes to the three local artists, Mark Gierok, Caren Hackman and Terre Rybovich that initiated this grassroots organization by conducting “listening sessions” throughout the County! With the knowledge gained from these sessions members of this emerging artists’ organization have built the strong foundation needed to grow a true artists’ community in Palm Beach County. It is a unique organization and fills an enormous niche because it is county wide and includes all artistic disciplines; literary, media, performing and visual. Artists of Palm Beach County is bringing artists together for mutual benefit as well as bringing benefits to the community at large.

Artists of Palm Beach County serves as the much needed connection between artists and also between artists and the community. Many members are new to Palm Beach County and feel both relieved and excited to find an organization that provides networking opportunities and promotes local artists. It also seems the community at large was in need of an organization such as this. Shortly after the organization formed we began seeing calls coming in from local organizations and individuals that wanted to include local artists in their programming!

Please consider your own talent and interest and contact Board members about how you can get involved in continuing and strengthening these objectives – be a part of growing a strong artists’ community!

1. Events that bring artists together
2. Public events to promote artists
3. Exhibition space
4. Joint Marketing Strategies
5. Health insurance
6. A building to own or to rent
7. Juried competitions
8. Legal advice for artists
9. Advocacy in policy
10. Affordable housing/studios
11. Affordable web site design
12. Career Counseling
13. Discount msm. Memberships
14. Performance space
15. Slide wall
16. Studio insurance
17. Rehearsal space
18. Darkroom
19. Recording Studio

In addition:
20. Member Artist Directory
21. Sponsorship benefit package

These objectives were developed from the Report of County-wide Listening Sessions, written November 2004 by Terre Rybovich and from the Board of Directors planning session held February 26, 2006 facilitated by Terre Rybovich and Mary Jo Aagerstoun.