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Artist Statement

“My subject matter is my emotions, thoughts, and dreams, and I paint because I must; they have to get out.

For each painting, I specifically choose shapes and colors that reflect how I feel when the thought or dream comes to me. Sometimes, I wonder what God looks like?

Do I exist on other planets, and what would they look like? I choose to communicate these things in an abstract manner to the viewer because they are private.

I paint on large canvases because I have so much to say. Some of my paintings are created in groups of threes, yet each one is strong enough to stand on its own.

When I’m painting, I use brushes, my bare hands, and other tools. That is the most compelling way to communicate with the viewer. I paint because it’s my destiny.”



Etheard is an innovative and creative, self-taught painter. His work is daring, brilliant, unapologetic, and original. He is known for his amazing and

unparalleled ways of storytelling through painting, photography, drawing, collages, and other mediums.

He holds an A.A. in photography from Suny Suffolk Community College, a B.A. in photography and Media Arts from Suny Empire State College, and an MSEd in Business Education From Hofstra University.

Over the years, Etheard has participated in numerous gallery art exhibitions in the New York area. Etheard now lives in Jupiter, Florida.

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