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Art has alway been an important part of my life. My dad was a master artist who won many awards for his pastels, and my sister has exhibited her work for decades. I took painting lessons in my early twenties and have taken other art classes throughout my adult life.


My interest in creating collages began after a trip to Manhattan several years ago. I returned home with numerous items such as ticket stubs, maps, and pictures that I accumulated on my trip and decided to use them to make a collage. That was my first effort, and many have followed, as have a number of exhibitions of my work in the Art on Park Gallery, ArtWorks Gallery, and Clay, Glass, Metal Stone Gallery.

I love creating collages. They bring back memories of cutting out paper dolls in my childhood, and I enjoy the pasting as well. I have a large collection of various photographs and images from magazines and newspapers, which I use to create my works. My sister, who studied under Bruce Helander (the renowned collagist), passed on to me what she learned about the basics of collage design. I’ve been a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County for the past several years and took collage classes at Art on Park Gallery as well. Collages based on nature particularly inspire me, and I enjoy doing profiles or “portraits” of individuals.

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