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As a child, she romanticized being an artist and living in Greenwich Village. In the fourth grade she won an award for a little storybook she created on Cinderella. That was the beginning…but her mother insisted, artists starve.  Her creative interests are photography and hand-painted porcelain pottery which have been displayed in various local venues over the past ten years.

Dr. Roberts is mostly retired, save a few clients. She began her psychotherapy practice in 1990 after eight years of working in various Mental Health Centers. Now, retired she devotes her time to her creative endeavors.

She is currently a member of the Armory Art Center, Artists of Palm Beach County, Wellington Art Society, and The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and is a field photographer/contributor for the magazines Nature Photographer and The Universe of Colour Photography.

Whether working in clay or behind the lens of a camera deliberate focus brings her into a meditative stillness. For her nature photography is about an internal state and sense of expansiveness

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