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Once a professional photographer, then professional no more…

now a Photography Lover!

I was living in Barcelona, Spain, when I became interested in photography. My first job was helping a well-known fashion and advertising photographer with his projects. Seeing the magic created by shooting a picture and, then, developing the image, took me on the search for a new career. I studied in The Hague, Netherlands at the MTS voor Fotografie en Fototechniek. In Amsterdam, I further developed my craft by working at a large studio specializing in food and tabletop photography. Eventually, I moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where I opened my own studio. There, I collaborated with large advertising agencies working on publicity projects. After several intensive years, I took a sabbatical, moved to the United States, and packed my cameras away. Years went by without a reawakening of my love for the lens. Recently, the urge to capture life in print enticed me back. The art of photography is, once again, my pursuit, and I am devoted to sharing my passion with others. I described my style as Disorganized Eclectic; nowadays, I am leaning towards minimalism.

Instagram # dpleon1492

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