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Artists of Palm Beach County is a non-profit 501c organization dedicated to helping member artists achieve their artistic goals and utilize their talents to enrich the lives in our community.

We recognize that artists often face difficulties in having proper resources to practice and produce their art, to learn and expand their skills, and to feel that their art is recognized and appreciated. We are a home for these artists. A place where they can access resources, expand their skills, be inspired, share their art, and help each other prosper.

 Most importantly, we want to facilitate and enable the youth in our community to embrace the study and practice of all that is art. Our Certificate of Solicitation allows us to pursue tax-deductible donations to generate scholarship money, which we use to award scholarships to local students who show outstanding achievements in the visual arts and to offer educational programs, opportunities, and experiences to the community.

We strongly believe that art in all its forms serves a public purpose and can enhance community well-being.


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