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One of my favorite past-times as a child was spending time drawing and painting. Years later after earning a degree in Business Administration, I worked for a management consulting firm. One of my assignments was in the client firm’s Graphics Department where they produced their catalogs. Fascinated by what could be done on the computer and inspired by the collaboration between artists and writers to work on joint projects, I decided to return to art school to pursue a degree in graphic design.  Subsequently, I worked for the PGA of America in their Creative Resources Dept. producing their collateral materials.


It was only in 2016 when I returned to my childhood interest of drawing and painting. At that time, I began my artistic journey with colored pencils, transitioning later to pastels. Occasionally, however, I will explore other mediums such as oil, watercolor and ballpoint pen. I am mostly drawn to quiet landscapes, birds and flowers as my sources for inspiration. I find many of these subjects on my walks around my neighborhood and nearby preserves such as Grassy Waters. Simple lines and shapes I see in nature are what capture my initial interest. I strive to express a mood I feel from my chosen subject by focusing on color nuances and texture.

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