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As a youngster growing up, I had the privilege to watch my mom become an artist in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Her studio was in our home and the air was constantly filled with the aroma of artworks. As I grew older, my desire to become a pure artist waned, but my interest in design never left me. I spent over forty years designing interior spaces for cabinetry, thirty of such in Palm Beach County.


When I retired a few years ago, I searched for another outlet for my talent, only to discover my latent love for drawing. This time, I found my true love for Graphite Pencil art. I took classes at the Lighthouse Gallery in Tequesta and started my journey into sketching” what I felt rather than what I saw”. I also saw, in myself , a keen eye for detail only seen in black and white. I also found that the details mentioned really manifest itself in drawing animals. Thus, my major thrust is in drawing all kinds of animals, especially “the little guys”.

I hope you will view my website: to get a real flavor of my recent works.


I would like to add that my current works have a significant influence from my oldest daughter, who has a Fine Arts degree and is a wonderfully talented ar9st in her own right. Guess it’s in the genes!

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