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Not only can my paintings comment on the serious issues animals face but also can be light-hearted and introspective. My work expresses powerful imagery and emotions on different themes. My goal is to create artwork that is meaningful and captivating.
As an artist, I want to portray the very essence of the animals I paint. I want something in that painting to speak to each viewer on a very personal level. I paint animals to portray their innocence and personalities. My ability to see the compassion and understanding in their eyes allows me to paint beautiful, lifelike animal portraits and works of art.
All animals have a “voice”; something you can’t see but know you feel. The eyes painted in my work, are in a style that gives them that “voice.” This achievement is what adds another dimension to their presence on the canvas. By the time the painting is done the animal or subject should speak to the viewer.

At 25 years old, Cynthia George graduated with a BFA from the University of Florida in Theatrical Design. She went to Los Angeles, California, to study at “MUD”( a certified Special Effects Makeup Artist Program). In 2000, after certification, she worked on the movie “Do You Want To Know A Secret” where her dream came true when she saw her name listed in the credits.
Next, she was hired as a Special Effects Makeup Artist for Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. There, she designed and applied prosthetics to the actor’s faces, transforming them into different characters.
In 2017, Cynthia’s interest changed, and she began painting in acrylic and pastels. This time, the subjects were pet portraits and simple wildlife animals, always remembering to capture their essence; the eyes. Her goal is to elicit how the animal might feel.
It was not until 2019 that her painting subject evolved. Her goal is to stimulate thought. She ranges from painting whimsical pieces of art to pieces that elicits strong emotional reaction. Capturing the animal’s essence is very important.
When the painting is done, the animal should speak to you, as if it has a “voice.”
Her subject matter evolves too. Not only do her paintings comment on the severe issues animals face but they also can be light-hearted and introspective.
A lot of her work has a different take on ideas already thought of. She comments on these ideas with a different perspective. Her work expresses powerful imagery and emotions on different themes. Some themes are less intense than others. Regardless, her goal is to create a piece of work that is meaningful and captivating. Some of her work is displayed at Gallery 526, located at 526 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, Florida.

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