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My work is about the beauty of Nature and the importance of simple things; elements of nature that we usually take for granted, and whose beauty we don’t take time to observe, like a fragment of a leaf, a flower, or the way light is reflected as it strikes a drop of dew. These themes are recreated, making emphasis in the geometry of nature’s designs. It is the complexity within the simplicity. The work constitutes an alarm to us all to preserve the environment that we are part of, and we are relentlessly destroying, and without which we could not survive….. 

“Destroying Nature is destroying ourselves………” 

In search of The Light:

Light is the reason why we see things.

Artists throughout history have chosen a subject to study how light behaves and is reflected from objects. The most successful ones are called “The masters of Light”.

Whether the theme is a portrait, a still life or a landscape, painting is a representation of how the light defines volumes and spaces.

A painting is an illusion… It is an exercise to try to represent a three dimensions image in a two dimension surface.

After 40 years of painting, and intuitively studying light, I have taken the challenge of my most recent creative project, which is to paint “The Light”, to make “The Light” the central role, to make it the protagonist.


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