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Art allows me to live in a state of suspended animation. When I paint I am in a zone where I don’t think about bills, food or my “to do list. " My mind’s eye is engaged in expressing the beauty of the scene I want to create.. My goal for each painting is to express my love of nature

and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

My art journey started in CA when I took a watercolor class at College of Marin. The teacher had us laughing and being very silly; he didn’t want us to take ourselves and our art so seriously. And it worked! Laughter is the best medicine! When the instructor offered a painting

trip to Greece, I signed up for the adventure. During my time in Greece, I fell in love with landscape painting and how it makes me feel.

During the time I lived in CA, I painted plein air as well as from photographs. But after moving back to the East Coast, first to the Boston area, and then to Palm Beach Gardens, I made the switch from watercolor to oil paint. To me, oil paint feels more 3 dimensional and offers more vibrant colors, oh and it’s also much more forgiving.

Linda is on the board of directors of the Artists of Palm Beach County and orchestrates the Art Salon once a month during the “season”.

You can contact Linda by email or phone:


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