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I’ve always thought of myself as artistic and began drawing and painting at a very young age. During high school, art was a way for me to express myself and relax. When I wasn’t in school, I took art classes and started an Instagram account to encourage myself to draw and paint more. The subjects that I most enjoy drawing are portraits and landscapes, but I occasionally branch out to other things. With photography, I love taking pictures of animals and nature.

In college at the University of Miami, I majored in Creative Advertising and minored in Art and Interactive Media. I’ve experimented with various mediums, but my favorites are oil, acrylic, digital art, and photography. I first tried oil paints in one of my art classes. Those classes encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, and I made abstract paintings for the first time.

I joined the Artists of Palm Beach County in 2018 when I submitted my art for the Digital Imagery Exhibit. It was the first time I’d ever had my art displayed in a gallery. The second exhibit I was in, the Members 2019 Exhibit, I was awarded second place for my painting, “Braidy Days.” I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my artistic talents and participating in more gallery exhibits in the future.

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