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Margarita Vigne

BIO: Growing up in Colombia, Margarita was surrounded by art influences, from her grandmother's love for painting to her blind grand aunt weaving baskets while singing her favorite song, and her father always expressing his passion for art. Although as a child, Margarita didn't pay much attention to art, funny enough, her favorite school class was arts and crafts.


After graduating from fashion design in Colombia, Margarita's creative journey continued as she moved to the USA and pursued a career in graphic design. After getting married and having children, she chose to pause her career to focus on raising her kids. When they went to college, Margarita felt lost and decided to explore her passion for art, starting with a weekend collage class.


Realizing that art had always been a part of her, Margarita began creating various pieces, including pet portraits in honor of her beloved dog Molly. Hearts, elephants, and butterflies became symbolic elements in her work, representing love, emotion, strength, wisdom, transformation, and beauty.


Time didn't determine Margarita's passion, and she embraced the artist within her. Each piece she creates involves hours of layering magazine covers and papers to form shapes. The process is immersive and spontaneous, allowing each piece to evolve naturally.


Margarita senses that she has discovered art within her, whether it has been there since she was born or art has found her. Whichever it is, she's glad to have paused her career, embraced parenthood, got a bit lost in the chaos, and ultimately reshaped herself into an artist doing what she loves.


Appreciative of the support from her collectors and followers, Margarita looks forward to creating more art and connecting with beautiful people through her projects.


STATEMENT: Drawing inspiration from my Colombian roots and a background in fashion and graphic design, I create distinctive mixed-media collage pieces. I experiment with textures, colors, and patterns from fashionable magazines, interior design magazines, newspapers, and other recycled elements, transforming everyday materials into vibrant, detailed artworks that transport viewers to a lively world. My artistic journey is guided by the alchemy of turning ordinary elements into objects of beauty and significance, infusing my work with bold colors and intricate details.  I'm excited to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of art and sharing my creative vision with the world.

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